Nick of Time: Once Burned

I came up with a couple characters named Nick of Time and Emma: Raptor Girl a while back and was going to write stories with them but never had much time to. Anyways, while looking for a batporn I wrote, I found an old short story with Nick and Emma and thought I would throw it up here and maybe write more about them here later. Enjoy!



“Wiiiiiitch!” the colonist shouted, as he shoved Emma to the middle of town square. Oh yeah, this time they’d gotten one for sure. She had green hair, and a magical talking box clipped to her side, plus she seemed like a know-it-all.

“EM! EMMA!” the voice shouted over and over.

“Whom did you shrink and put in that box!?”

They weren’t even going to bother with the usual burning her to see if she was a witch or not, they were going straight to the burning her to kill her.

“BURN HER!” another shouted, and the rest joined in. They marched to a large stake and tied her to it. Emma was actually getting kind of worried now, and the voice in her radio had stopped shouting.

Suddenly she heard a growl she recognized as a motorcycle and looked about anxiously, as did the colonists.

VROOOOOOM! The motorcycle came flying off a nearby building, speeding through the crowd and up to Emma.

“NICK! Thank god you’re here!”

“I am here,” he said, as he set his time watch for the year 2010, “Just in the…

Nick of Time.

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