This Is….It’s Green?

Geek Girl Con was this past weekend in Seattle, and while I love cons I am always slightly rubbed the wrong way by the whole “geek girl” phenomenom. I decided to go though, and get through the only way I knew how: drunk.

In particularly, as Hangover/Drunk Shep.

It’s October though now, the outfit from PAX (the robe, little shorts, and tank top) was gonna be far too cold. I decided to try something else.

After a wild night of partying, this version of Hangover Shep has ryncol stains on the shirt, blue lipstick and glitter everywhere, a bottle of ryncol to drink still, and of course Stabby the busted omniblade.

Oh and the wild hair, aviators, and tongue that is never in my mouth what is wrong with me

After a hard night of partying, I am locked out of my house…

So away to the con I went. There I met Link and this dude with fairy wings.

I had been hitting the ryncol when someone gave me a blaster and we got our pictures taken with some Mandolorians. For the love of god, don’t give me a weapon right now!

The ryncol is half gone now…

Then I had some more rum with lunch, more at dinner and more later til I got really sleepy.


Unfortunately it was overshadowed a bit by the fact that my beloved Stabby went missing at some point.

I love you forever Stabby.

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