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So I’m going to go into personal life just a little bit and tell you all that my current job is wicked boring. How boring? Yesterday I came in to an email telling us all we should read an article … Continue reading

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Teach Me How to Shepard, T-Teach Me How To Shepard

I know that I just did a post about cosplaying, but this one is about me doing it, so you can laugh at me and/or with me. If you read my other blog, Shepard, Interrupted you are familiar with Mass Effect … Continue reading

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Off Duty Heroes Part 1

Since the rise of comic conventions, there has been a simultaneous rise in the art of cosplay. These costumed conventioneers can usually find themselves on the internet later if their costume was either 1. really really good or 2. really … Continue reading

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IWFL Poll Demonstrates Halting Problem

      If you get this, you are probably a giant goddamn nerd.

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Jagged Little Pill(ow)

Ok watch this commercial. Watch it.   Spike TV was doing a marathon of Star Wars movies. This marathon started with Phantom Menace and ended at Empire Strikes Back. I watched almost all of it because I lack drive, ambition, … Continue reading

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Owls Well That Ends Well

I am sitting on the couch. The TV is on, and I am using my laptop to poke around on Netflix for a movie to watch. Goddammit, none of these movies are what I want, what the hell. This is … Continue reading

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Adventures in Jobbyhunting

As I’ve been sending out job applications and posting my resume places, I occasionally get an email back from bots or spammers or scammers or things of that nature. This is the email I received the other day: Good day … Continue reading

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My New Wheels Have a First Name

           “No fucking way,” were the only words I could squeeze out as I stood in awe of the prize I had won, the prize that now sat in my front lawn. It was shiny and glistened … Continue reading

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The Future is Confusing

A fourth of the way into Batman: Digital Justice and I have to say, I have very little idea as to what is actually going on. I know that there are human cops, and robot cops. The robot cops are … Continue reading

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This Post Was Computer Generated Too

For a long time now I’ve had a copy of Batman: Digital Justice on my shelf. I bought it as a joke from the comic book store in South Dakota that I had been going to for a few years, … Continue reading

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